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Planning Advantages

Product Manufacturer– Deal directly with a sports field equipment manufacturer that knows the ins and outs of permanent and semi-permanent athletic field equipment for a variety of sports and facility types. Avoid going through a middleman who lacks complete product knowledge.
Relationship Driven – AAE strives to create strong, positive relationships with customers from the very first purchase. Our success is built on the solid network we share with architects, contractors, coaches and athletic directors. As an industry leader in sports field equipment, we make every effort to partner with the best firms to build state-of-the-art athletic facilities.
Customization Options – Many times we happen upon customers with special or unique sports facility project requirements. AAE has the ability to customize any sports field product because, as a direct manufacturer, we have access to a variety of materials and the equipment to get the job done – and done right.
Knowledgeable Staff – AAE is a company who truly knows the athletic business – over 65 years of practice. Our employees, many with us for 20+ years, have had extensive training of our sports field products, as well as training in the industry. There is always someone available to address any questions or concerns you may have. Whether that person is our Product Engineer, Director of Sales or even the President, the AAE team is dedicated to ensuring a first-class experience for our customers.
Limited/Extended Warranty – AAE offers an extended warranty on many of its sports field products. Enjoy the peace of mind and reliability that comes with our products, knowing your sports program and athletic facility is investing in the highest quality product that will perform year after year. If there is ever a problem with your AAE sports field equipment or our other products, contact us and we will make it right.
Website – AAE has recently upgraded to a fresh website designed to give you and your team what is most relevant and of interest in a seamless experience across all devices. With full access to all product drawings, CSI Specs and more, you’ll never spec a project the same way again.
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