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Track & Field: Shot & Discus Implements

AAE shots and discii are engineered to meet the individual specifications of each event. Ask an expert today about the best indoor and outdoor throwing implements for your team.

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Brass Shots Brass Shots
List Price: $172.50
Cast Iron Shot Cast Iron Shot
List Price: $53.00
Steelcase Shots Steelcase Shots
List Price: $125.00
Hard Shell Plastic Shot Hard Shell Plastic Shot
List Price: $120.00
Soft Shell Indoor Shot Soft Shell Indoor Shot
List Price: $105.00
Blue Star Steel Discus Blue Star Steel Discus
List Price: $150.00
Hi-Spin Wood Discus Hi-Spin Wood Discus
List Price: $125.00
Wood Discus Wood Discus
List Price: $70.00
Plastic Discus (PWD,PHD, PCD) Plastic Discus
List Price: $85.00
Rubber Discus Rubber Discus
List Price: $23.80

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