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Track & Field: Long Jump Equipment

Our range of quality long jump equipment is designed to go the distance for your athletes and track and field facility. AAE long jump equipment is known for long lasting performance at all levels of competition. Long jump pit form systems from AAE create a solid foundation for sand filling, eliminating the need for expensive concrete. Pit covers create a seamless transition and finished look to the long jump area while keeping it free from water and debris when not in use. Our most popular take-off board system includes a stainless steel tray, dual-surface competition board, Nuron™ foul board, yellow foul strip and plasticine parts for detecting fouls. From the long jump pit forms and pit covers to long jump take-off boards and take-off markers, you’ll find everything you need at AAE.

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Pit Form System Pit Form System
List Price: $20,225.00
Aluminum Pit Cover Ledge Aluminum Pit Cover Ledge
List Price: $18.50
Aluminum Pit Cover Aluminum Pit Cover
List Price: $52.00
Vinyl Pit Cover Vinyl Pit Cover
List Price: $4.00
Vinyl Sand Cover Tarp Vinyl Sand Cover Tarp
List Price: $6.50
8" Take-Off Board Systems 8" Take-Off Board Systems
List Price: $825.00
16" Take-Off Board Systems 16" Take-Off Board Systems
List Price: $1,170.00
Portable Runway Surface Portable Runway Surface
List Price: $15.90
Jumpmaster Jumpmaster
List Price: $2,590.00
Steel Pit Leveler Steel Pit Leveler
List Price: $575.00
Take-Off Markers Take-Off Markers
List Price: $95.00
Soft Take-Off Markers Soft Take-Off Markers
List Price: $130.00
Great Aluminum Rakes Great Aluminum Rakes
List Price: $115.00
Insertion Removal Tool Insertion Removal Tool
List Price: $80.00
12" Take-Off Board Systems 12" Take-Off Board Systems
List Price: $1,325.00
Portable Padding System Perimeter Padding System
List Price: $74.75

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