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Benches, Shelters & Bleachers

Support your athletic teams on the sidelines by giving them lots of options for sports team seating. AAE aluminum-based player’s sideline shelters are all-weather units that give athletes protection from the elements. We carry various models of portable aluminum team benches, providing versatility, durability and sturdy comfort for sports teams. Fans will get a great view of the game on AAE's long-lasting aluminum portable bleachers. Connect with an AAE expert to find the best field benches, shelters and bleacher units for your sports facility needs.

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Players' Sideline Shelter Players' Sideline Shelter
List Price: $19,500.00
Pro Portable Team Benches Pro Portable Team Benches
List Price: $995.00
Portable Team Benches Portable Team Benches
List Price: $660.00
Permanent Team Benches Permanent Team Benches
List Price: $660.00
Portable Bleachers Portable Bleachers
List Price: $2,075.00
Ultimate Sideline Package Ultimate Sideline Package
List Price: $78,000.00
Pro Team Bench Cart Pro Team Bench Cart
List Price: $575.00
Rollaway Bleacher Wheels Rollaway Bleacher Wheels
List Price: $395.00
Contoured Seat Contoured Seat
List Price: $115.00
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