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Track & Field: Meet Essentials

Whether you host major track and field competitions or local track meets, your facility will need the accessories for track meet management. AAE carries a huge selection of essentials that will equip coaches and officials, and get athletes across the finish line. Our starter platforms, photographers stand and judge’s stands give optimum visibility, portability and longevity with aluminum construction. Make officiating easy with starter pistols, stopwatches, measuring tapes and wheels, location indicators, wind gauge indicators, cone markers and more. Help spectators follow the action with performance indicators, timers and scoreboards. Complete the track meet with an AAE awards stand, perfect for photo ops and medal ceremonies.

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Award Stand - 8 Step Award Stands
List Price: $2,295.00
Award Stand - 8 Step Team Award Stands
List Price: $3,300.00
Starter's Platform Starter's Platform
List Price: $1,600.00
Wind Indicator Wind Indicator
List Price: $955.00
Championship Award Stand Championship Award Stand
List Price: $5,575.00
Cone Markers Cone Markers
List Price: $20.75
Digital Measuring Wheel Digital Measuring Wheel
List Price: $175.00
5-Digit Performance Indicator with Base Shown Performance Indicator
List Price: $945.00
Performance Scoreboard with Base Shown Performance Scoreboard
List Price: $1,520.00
Bell Lap Counter Bell Lap Counter
List Price: $920.00
Official Finish Post with Rollaway Base Official Finish Post
List Price: $855.00
Premier Judges' Stand with Extra Large Platform Judges' Stand
List Price: $2,370.00
Camera Support Post Camera Support Post
List Price: $1,985.00
Blanket Surface Saver Blanket Surface Saver
List Price: $3.75

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