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Brand Identity

Chances are you have been hearing more and more about “brand identity” in recent years, but here at AAE we have been manufacturing products to tie in with brand identity for over 50 years. It began with our standard eight hurdle tube colors along with matching logos on the boards and has expanded to a multitude of AAE products offered in a broader color spectrum with custom decals or silkscreens.

While schools and universities throughout the country have become focused on creating (or recreating) their public image, AAE has been keeping the pace. Now that team uniforms are no longer the sole vehicle to communicate a sports program’s identity, AAE is ready to colorize and logotize whatever equipment you need. AAE is proud to partner with customers in their quest for the ultimate equipment customization. Some samples of customized products that continue to be popular brand identity agents are shown on the right... and we’re always willing to add more to that list.

Contact AAE to discuss the details of your school’s brand identity in conjunction with your equipment needs.

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