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Portable Press Boxes & Coaching Towers

AAE customers are loyal fans of our unique, proprietary aluminum portable press box – The Donkey – as an all-in-one solution to many needs on the sports field. Support all those on the sidelines making your athletic program a success with this customizable tower built with lightweight aluminum, outfitted with long-lasting components. The Donkey portable press boxes and coaching towers have endless uses as a coaching platform, scoring center, video station and media booth, officiating center, VIP seating and more! Available in many configurations and accessory options to meet your unique athletic sports field needs.

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DONKEY Ultimate Media Packages DONKEY Ultimate Media Packages
List Price: $37,800.00
DONKEY Extra Platform DONKEY Extra Platform
List Price: $230.00
Donkey Filming Platform DONKEY Filming Platform
List Price: $33,500.00
Multi-Purpose Tower Multi-Purpose Tower
List Price: $24,840.00
Portable Multi-Purpose Tower Portable Multi-Purpose Tower
List Price: $13,170.00
DONKEY Banners DONKEY Banners
List Price: $790.00
DONKEY Bird's Nest Video Tower DONKEY Bird's Nest Video Tower
List Price: $12,560.00
List Price: $14,995.00
DONKEY Elevated Seating DONKEY Elevated Seating
List Price: $3,960.00
Portable Band Tower Portable Band Tower
List Price: $9,900.00
DONKEY Hitch Attachment DONKEY Hitch Attachment
List Price: $925.00
DONKEY Mounting Leg Supports DONKEY Mounting Leg Supports
List Price: $2,500.00
DONKEY Enclosures DONKEY Enclosures
List Price: $7,000.00
DONKEY Wheel Protector Pads DONKEY Wheel Protector Pads
List Price: $1,325.00
DONKEY Speaker Packages DONKEY Speaker Packages
List Price: $1,235.00
Coach's Lectern Coach's Lectern
List Price: $655.00
Contoured Seat Contoured Seat
List Price: $150.00
Recessed Cup Holder Recessed Cup Holder
List Price: $31.75
DONKEY Power Wiring DONKEY Power Package
List Price: $1,350.00
Captain's Chair Captain's Chair
List Price: $525.00
Deluxe Captain's Chair Deluxe Captain's Chair
List Price: $595.00
DONKEY Anchor Kit DONKEY Anchor Kit
List Price: $500.00
DONKEY Amplifier DONKEY Amplifier
List Price: $450.00
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